Summer in Orio 2019




udako agendaSummer in Orio 2019


11th July , Thursday – 16:30- 19:30 Sand figures on the beach.

12th July, Friday
20:00. Presentation of the Sea Bream Festival 2019
•With Giants Peio and Nikolasa and the dance group Harribil
•Grill restaurants men (Mikel Manterola from Joxe Mari, Luis Mari Uranga from Xixario and Joxe Migel Zendoia from Katxiña) starts the Festival in the square
•Friends of Sea Bream award
20:00. Cider tasting from Petritegi.

13th July, Saturday
12:00. Cider tasting from Petritegi.
12:00. Marmitako (dish with tuna) in the village square. 2 euro.
19:30 Lau Bertsolari eta ziaboga bat ( Bertsos) : Amets Arzallus, Jon Maia, Sustrai Colina y Alaia Martin. Theme : Unai Elizasu.
20:00. Cider tasting from Petritegi.

14th July , Sunday
12:00. Cider tasting from Petritegi.
12:00. Grilled Sea Bream competition between Culinary associations of the village.
12:00. Grilled tuna in the square, Eusko label, 2 euro

20th July , Saturday - 18:00 – Rowing

21st July , Sunday – 18:30 Rowing

26th July , Friday – 19:00 Imanol Jazz , music in the square

27th July , Saturday 22:00 Cinema on the school square, in Basque "The golden compass"

From 2 to 18 August- Euskal Zirkoa (Basque circus)

2nd August, Friday – 19:30 Broken brothers brass band , music in the square

10th August , Saturday – 22:10 Cinema on the beach "Artetarrak" in Basque

11th August, Sunday 19:30 Music with Sambastian group , on the beach

16th August, Friday- 19:30 Music with Paul San Martin & Romaní Gratalon in the square

24th August, Saturday- 22:00 Cinema in the school square, Aquaman

25th August,Sunday – 19:30 Music with Korrontzi group in the square.

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